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Follow organic dairy farmer Jonathan Gates as he reports weekly from his Vermont family farm. Howmars Farm is a certified organic dairy farm, one of many Organic Valley/CROPP Cooperative farmer members who supply the milk that goes into making Stonyfield's yogurts and smoothies. The entire family pitches in on this third-generation farm. Check out some of the happenings on his farm and post your comments. Jonathan loves to get feedback from readers.

I didn't do it! I'm innocent!

I was checking on the calves in the youngstock barn this afternoon, when I found one of the windows shattered into chards of glass. Because there were chards outside on the lawn, I knew the calf in the pen must have been jumping around in its pen and smashed into the window. The calf was fine, but I made sure to pick up all the pieces I could see inside the pen.

I have no clue what made the calf so jumpy. Sometimes just walking past the windows along the calf pens will make the calves jump and go crazy. Several of the windows we have replaced with plexiglass, and this broken one will be repaired in the same manner. Until that gets done we'll cover the opening with plastic to keep cold drafts off the calves. She looks pretty innocent, but like all calves (and kids) she'll get into just as much trouble as possible. With a dozen calves that Karen and Justin are feeding right now, that's a lot of trouble!!

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Having horses I know that there is always work to do and often not the time to do it...however, wouldnt replacing all the windows with plexiglass now ensure that the calves are safe from injury from future "calf mishaps" ? Just a thought.

She is a beautiful creature and could do no harm or get into mischief. Love seeing the animal pictures.

so happy you treat your cows in a humane fashion. thank you for being a decent, compassion person. I always buy Stonyfield produjcts. Thanks again. Marianne.

so happy youn treat your cows in a humane fashion. stonyfield farm has always been the brand i buy. keep up the good work and give your cows a kiss for me. marianne

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